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1) Watched the first season of Slings&Arrows last week.  Why did nobody _tell_ about this show?!? (Well, ok, people did, so to speak.  I'd never had heard of it were it not for LiveJournal).  Heartbreakingly hilarious and full of everything I love and hate about theater all wrapped up together.  Anyone with the _slightest_ fondness for Shakespeare needs to watch this post haste.  It'll be two weeks until the 2nd season is available at the library.  That's three weeks too long.

2) For unrelated reasons, found myself reading 'Gaudy Nights' again.  I think this makes the third (possibly fourth) go-around.  As I was wrapping it up, I was struck by an epiphany.  While Ian Carmichael remains my canonical Wimsey, I found myself daydreaming of a re-make.  Doing so: I discovered that there is only one current actor who could possibly play the part.  I came upon him thusly:

A) He can play a foppish, cheerily gad-about British aristocratic buffon with the best of them.  In fact, his performance (both of them: two different characters) was well-nigh archetypal.

B) He can also play a bitingly witty, exceedingly insightful investigator; wounded, driven & cyncial.

In short, the only actor who could convincingly portray Lord Peter Wimsey on today's screen is Hugh Laurie: the man who is both Bertie Wooster and Dr. Gregory House.

Because really: isn't Wimsey almost a perfect hybrid of the two (in terms of characteristics, if not construction)?

The defense rests.


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